CrossFit Destroyer Is


Ready to try your FIRST CrossFit workout? Our foundations program is designed to ensure you get off to a successful start. Foundation classes will cover the fundamentals of CrossFit showing you the basics of each workout.
CrossFit Destroyer Is


Need the extra edge to help you meet your dietary needs? Allow us to show you the ropes to get you eating healthier than ever. Knowing what to eat and when to eat it has never been easier.
CrossFit Destroyer Is

Personal Fitness

Personal attention designed and developed individually for you. Want a better booty or defined arms? Prepare for a fat burning muscle building session like no other. We will set up a program specifically to meet your goals.

What Is CrossFit

CrossFit is a way of strengthening and conditioning your body to be ready for whatever life throws at you. When doing CrossFit you are given a “Workout of the Day” that varies significantly from day to day. One day we may focus on endurance while another it might be strength and mobility. Changing up your routine actually keeps your body improving rather than hitting plateaus.

✔ Functional Momvements

✔ Gymnastics

✔ Weightlifting

✔ Running

✔ Rowing

✔ Endurance

✔ Mobility

✔ The Best Fitness Workout

Destroyer Coaches

Our names are Joe and Stephanie Passalaqua. We can’t wait to work with you.

After spending years teaching in the Martial Arts it was time to jump into a new passion we’ve long had. We opened CrossFit Destroyer in October 2013 and have been assisting moms, dads, athletes, business workers and other people just like you destroy their goals. Are you ready to join our team?

About Us

Ready To Be A Destroyer?

How It Breaks Down

Getting started is simple and easy. All athletes start with our foundations program to ensure you get off to a successful start. Foundation classes will go over the fundamentals of CrossFit showing you the basics of each workout. Each foundations class is a small group or private setting with personal attention from our certified professional coaches. Come prepared with athletic shoes, shorts, a t-shirt and a water bottle. Hydrate and have a small meal a couple of hours before your class and be prepared for an amazing workout that will leave you wanting more. Foundations class times can be found on our Class Schedule. Shoot us an email or give us a call for more information.


30 Classes A Week

Destroyer membership gives you UNLIMITED training throughout the week with classes every day – that’s 7 days a week people. Morning, afternoon, night we are here ready for you to train when it’s convenient for you.

The Best Coaches

Professional coaches with years of experience covering many different aspects of fitness. We aren’t a one trick pony we’re here to improve your life in every way possible. We also know how to hold a killer conversation.

Even Better Teammates

Training alone sucks. You won’t have that problem here. You’ll always have someone to train with and push you along the way. Your teammates will give you the extra added motivation you need to finish strong. Seriously, they effin rock.