4 Reasons to get to the gym during the holiday season

With the holiday season approaching everyone’s schedules are getting hectic. Making time for the gym can be the first thing to be pushed aside. Here are the best reasons to get back into the gym.
1. More energy for greater productivity: During the holiday season it’s clear to see everyone is very busy. Normal times of year we are plenty busy with work, kids and chores around the house. Then pile on top holiday shopping, decorating, family get-togethers and partys, you’re gonna need a lot of stamina to get it done. Getting in a great workout will boost energy levels and will leave you with more in the gas tank to be super productive. Ever spend a Sunday lazily laying about the house? ( I have ) Ever notice how tired you get? From what? Doing nothing, that’s what! You don’t have to be a beast in the gym. Even a small workout will have its benefits.
2. Save time: Yes, we can all spend too much time in the gym, either putting in extra work, chatting with friends or just stalling and moving slow. CrossFit workouts are fast and intense. You are definitely going to get the most bang for your buck. Warm up, hit the workout of the day then hit the road. You’ll have more time to spend with family.
3. Reduce stress: The holidays can be a stressful time of year. Getting in a great workout is a beneficial way to release tensions and clear your mind. I have always thought of working out as a mini vacation away from your regular day. You’ll never regret getting a workout in and after you will be better prepared for the stress of the day.
4. Goals and motivation: Every holiday season I see most people lose sight of nutrition and fitness goals. We excuse ourselves from eating healthy and exercise for cookies and festivities. Trust me I know how it goes. Grammy is always pushing those holiday cookies. Look, getting in the gym will not only keep you motivated because the trainers are great 😉 but being around like-minded people with the same goals as you will help keep you on the right track. People who are working out consistently tend to also eat healthier. Plus, when you do indulge, you won’t feel as guilty. Come the New Year everyone will set New Years goals but you will have had the Big Mo, motivation and momentum leading up to the New Year. Remember 2017 starts now!


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