The Carrot Test

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The carrot test.

Take a real, fresh, whole carrot and peel and wash it. Take a big ole bite out of it. What do you taste? A carrot should taste sweet. If your carrot tastes anything other than sweet to you than we need to retrain your tongue!

How do we do that?

Eliminate processed foods. Avoid as much as possible restaurant food. Chemicals from processed foods, and highly salted restaurant food numbs our tongues and eventually real food doesn’t taste good to us anymore.

Take the challenge!

For 2 weeks (or even better 20 days) make your meals homemade with little salt and sugar.

Eat nothing made in a factory – no boxed prepared foods including cereal, no soda, no pasta, no bread, no candy or cookies, no canned veggies, no protein bars or shakes, no canned meats, basically no isle foods. Hot sauce ok!!

Eat: fresh/ frozen veggies + protein, and little fat, some fruit.  Eat as much raw vegetables as possible. Water!! Remember to decrease salt. Season with herbs/spices.

Oatmeal is ok. Sweeten it only with fruit. No maple syrup.

I dare you… after your tongue has reset, try a piece of bread from the store’s shelf. You know the bread that sits in a plastic bag for weeks? Guess what it’ll taste like. 😝

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