Worth more than a thousand technique videos 

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One persons feedback is worth more than a thousand technique videos 

By now we all should know good form for the basic lifts. Squat: ass down, chest up, heels down, knees out. Press: squeeze butt, tight abs, active shoulders, head through. You should be able to look at someone in the gym and generally see if they have good form. However, it is not as easy assessing yourself. What you think you’re doing and what you are really doing are two different things. 

Over time and with practice you should develop an awareness of the positions your body is in. It’s not easy, you’ll need lots of feedback from your coach and your camera roll should be full of videos of you performing various lifts & exercises. I can’t tell you how many times one of my coaches pointed out one simple thing I was missing, or I look a video of myself and see what I was doing incorrectly. Too many times an athlete comes in after watching a technique video online and says “so & so does it this way”.  BUT those videos can’t watch YOU move. They can’t give you tips and feedback for where YOU are. Don’t get me wrong I love watching technique videos and there is a lot of great information that is beneficial out there, but it should not replace the watchful eye of a real human being. To hammer my point home, recently I was doing a WOD with handstand walks. Now, I know all the tenets of a good handstand walk. (Knowing and doing are two different things).  I was trying my hardest to make it across the floor but just kept falling down. While I was falling and falling, Sarah was watching me. She made an observation. She said, “every time your knees bend, you lose it.” So on my next try, I made sure to keep my legs straight and GUESS WHAT? I made it across the floor! Sarah is not an expert in gymnastics but she saw something that I could not. That one tip from a person who is not an expert in handstand walking was worth more than a hundred handstand video tutorials. 

Keep watching videos, but, more importantly, record yourself or have someone watch you.

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