Three types of older athletes. Which one will you strive to be?

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1. Tries to compete with younger crowd. This path ultimately leads to disappointment & injuries. Let’s face it in every sport there is always going to be the new generation of younger athletes who have started their sport at a younger age and learn all the new methods. There’s a reason why there is a masters division. Yes I believe that we are able to be athletic past what regular people call the “prime years” but people who always compare themselves to the younger crowd will lead to disappointment.

2. Judges & criticizes. This person is generally negative towards people they feel they can’t compete with. They often make remarks like “that’s not how I would do that”. Often times making excuses for why they don’t compare to other athletes.

3. Does the best they can with what that have for where they are in life. They don’t judge themselves based on how others are doing, they focus on themselves and doing their best. They will put the time in, like a craftsman that tries to build something that’s truly nice. Being proud of what they have accomplished, they have a sense of self satisfaction that they have done something beautiful.

I choose the latter 👍

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