You won’t need motivation

⁣What’s fun for you? Like a cat instinctually scratches their claws, I have the innate desire to play my bass guitar. My hands crave the feel of the wood and my fingers for the feel of the steel strings on my finger tips. Come spring time the roads can’t be cleared fast enough because the need to ride my longboard boils over. Even if it’s only ten minutes I have to satiate my craving to cruise the roads and clear my mind. It’s like mobile meditation. So holds true for my deep need to grasp a barbell. I live for the feel of the weight across my shoulders, pulling weights from the ground and catching barbells overhead. The day I stop playing my bass, riding my longboard and lifting barbells will be the day I’m dead. It’s fun for me, what’s fun for you? If you’re serious about your fitness find something that is fun and do it with people you want to be with. Before long it will grow into something you can’t live without. There are infinite avenues to get fit… dance, Zumba, yoga, Pilates, running, cycling, CrossFit, powerlifting, body building, soccer, martial arts and even fitness classes with drum sticks (why didn’t I think of that?😆). Find something that fires you up and you won’t need to “find motivation” you will do it as automatically as scratching an itch.

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