Do you struggle with pacing?

Have a lead foot? Do you struggle with pacing? Do you go so hard that you need a rest for 2 minutes during the workout? Do you hit that redline that leaves you overheated on the side of the road with the others passing you by?

It’s infinitely more difficult to recover once you have redlined than it is to just slow down to a pace you can manage. I’ve seen it too many times, The anticipation of the wod kick starts your adrenaline plus you want to be competitive with your friends. Then wham! Your hunched over with your hands on your knees wondering what happened.

Practice staying in the sweet spot, where you move at a pace that allows you to remain steady. More times than not, the person that stays at a steady working pace will finish before the person that races ahead then stops and rests.

Pacing correctly requires proper breathing. Breathing should be controlled and conscious not reckless and panicked. Breathing is the body’s way to relax. Next time you are exerting yourself, pay attention to your breath. Are you holding it? Are you short of breath? When you do stop to rest pay attention to how long you need before you start again. Count your breaths or watch the clock, then try to shorten your rests. Speaking about me, I know its unrealistic for me to move faster BUT I know I can whittle down how long I rest.

Improving your pacing will lead to increased stamina and endurance. Remember, you’re not getting any fitter gasping with your hands on your knees.

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