⁣Don’t burnout on your goals⠀

Having goals is certainly beneficial for driving us forward to an end. If you have ever signed up for a race or competition you know the feeling of which I’m speaking. Suddenly it becomes easier to get up early and train knowing you have a deadline. Eating healthier seems much more appealing. So many positives grow out of having goals. ⠀

Conversely, relentless training unchecked can become a drag. If we are to affect real change we need longevity. Consistency is greater than intensity. Repeatedly running for time, constantly struggling under heavy weights. Physically draining yourself day in and day out will suck the fun out. ⠀

Remember why you started. If it’s not fun anymore the likely hood of sticking with it greatly diminishes. Keep it fun. Pace yourself and savor it. ⠀
⠀ ⠀

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