Welcome to CrossFit Destroyer

We are a locally owned and operated CrossFit training gym that’s designed to get EVERY BODY into the shape of their lives. Our certified coaches have over 10 years experience helping people to achieve their fitness goals. We are inviting everyone to come in and check out our growing CrossFit family. Training will literally change your life.

CrossFit training is unlike any other workout you have done before. It’s not just another aerobics class, it is a true, full-body fitness program that will improve every aspect of your physical and mental well-being. For years, CrossFit has been the training method for the military and first responders, such as fire fighters and EMTs. In recent years people of all shapes, sizes and ability have begun incorporating CrossFit into their daily lives.

A simple search on the Internet will show you the growing popularity of CrossFit, but can also seem “too intense” or out of reach for someone who is limited physically, has a lot of weight to lose or doesn’t want to train for the Olympics. That’s why CrossFit Destroyer is the place for you. We are passionate about making sure that CrossFit is a fitness program that works for Every Body.

Coming to CrossFit Destroyer you will be surrounded by people who only want to support you and see you succeed, no matter what your level of fitness is or what your goals are. Owners, Joe and Stephanie Passalaqua are both certified CrossFit instructors with a background in Martial Arts. Stephanie also provides nutritional support and guidance for people wanting to improve their diet and nutrition. CrossFit Destroyer is a full service gym with a family-like atmosphere that means your only competition at the gym is you and your goals.