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1% Better

What if you improved by 1% every day? That’s 365% in a year! With all this improvement to be had why don’t we see more of it? Often we become disillusioned when results don’t come quick enough or we become overwhelmed by how far we have left to go. Furthermore our efforts can feel negligible…

Monday Vs Friday

⁣How often have you started something with excitement only to find your motivation waver and we’re unable to finish? How many times have you heard “go hard” “start strong” “give it all you have”? When Monday rolls around most of us are motivated to hit the gym hard. Then by Friday you’re burnt to a…

Do you struggle with pacing?

Have a lead foot? Do you struggle with pacing? Do you go so hard that you need a rest for 2 minutes during the workout? Do you hit that redline that leaves you overheated on the side of the road with the others passing you by? It’s infinitely more difficult to recover once you have…

⁣The obstacle is the path.

We all run into obstacles in our training. Most will stop at the first sight of a road block, others become hyper critical of themselves. Few recognize that obstacles are opportunities to enhance a skill. It’s beneficial to analyze your performance and see where the deficiencies are, then pick 1 or 2 skills and practice….