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Member Highlight

—Crossfitting since?: Fall 2017 —A little about yourself: I’m a very out-of-shape woman in my 40’s. I’ve tried a million different exercise programs before but I have never stuck with anything. Basically, I hate to exercise! CrossFit is the only thing I’ve tried that has kept my interest. It’s different every day. It’s not the…

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Ask yourself why?

Ask yourself why? Why are you eating a food? Because it tastes good? Because you feel social pressure? Is it because you are bored or angry or sad? Is it providing any nutritional benefit? Are you using the appropriate portion size? You have a goal of losing excess weight and to be more fit and…

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Proper form = 💪😀👍

CrossFit is all about health and longevity. You should feel better, move better and look better. With proper form you should be able to CrossFit for the rest of your life. Here are some general rules that will keep you in one piece and moving towards your goals. KNEES OUT When squatting, make sure your…

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The Carrot Test

The carrot test. Take a real, fresh, whole carrot and peel and wash it. Take a big ole bite out of it. What do you taste? A carrot should taste sweet. If your carrot tastes anything other than sweet to you than we need to retrain your tongue! How do we do that? Eliminate processed…

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Member Highlight – Kevin

Kevin W. Crossfitting since?: December 2016- 2 months before my 50th birthday — A little about yourself: I’m a 51 year old field engineer. My wife and I will celebrate our 28th anniversary this fall, and we have 5 kids, from 28 years old down to 11. I love hiking and peak bagging (mountain climbing)…

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Member Highlight – Scott

Member Highlight Scott. Crossfitting since? 2014 —A little about yourself: I am 46 years old. My job consists of sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day. I would consider myself as moderately active when not at work or at Crossfit Destroyer. —How did you get into CrossFit? My Son takes Martial Arts at…